Tuesday, 11 October 2016

From this questionnaire I have learnt that I am an visual learner. I will most likely success further by showing myself diagrams and visually looking at what I am trying to learn. furthermore I think that it will be more efficient for me to learn when I am the one taking notes and revising through them in order to memorise them.

What I have also learnt about myself is that I am able to visually learn more as I will be able to see what is actually going on throughout the process of the situation. For example if an accounting teacher was to explain to us how to balance statements I would rather have them show me an example on the board rather than explaining to me how it works.

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  1. Well done for creating your blog and writing this first blog post.

    In your post you have given examples of ways in which your prefer to learn. We will be looking at different ways to take notes in future sessions. I hope you find these methods useful.

    When producing writing which others are going to read, you need to be doubly careful about using correct English grammar and punctuation. This post was very good but there is just one error right at the beginning of the 3rd sentence. Can you see what that is? It is also useful to proof read before or after you post. For example, the second sentence doesn't quite read well.

    Other than that, and they really are minor errors, your post was well written and I enjoyed reading it!